10 Facts on Mars

The most talked about planet in our solar system, Mars continues to be somewhat of a mystery.  While there are lots of things that we do know about Mars, there are still plenty of things that we don’t know about the red planet. Being so close to Earth and with the ability to get closer than ever before, the planet is something of great controversy.  For those who are interested, we have decided to add some typical facts on Mars that would be of interest to our readers.  With this being said, we will debunk some of the most common misconceptions with a list of 10 Facts on Mars below.

  1. Mars’ red look comes from all of the iron oxide on the planet, scientists have conceived that Mars is rusting due to all of the talcum powder.
  2. The third month of the year March is named after Mars.
  3. According to Greek Mythology, Mars was a traveling star around Earth, which was believed to be the center of the Universe.
  4. The pressure is so low on Mars that any human would literally boil to death instantly.
  5. Because of its closeness to the sun, Mars has the most violent dust storms out of any planet on the solar system.  Some of these dust storms can reach 130 mph and can last for months at a time.
  6. Because of the high amount of carbon dioxide on Mars, water can only exist as ice or as a vapor.
  1. The amount of land surface on Mars is nearly equal to Earth, but it weighs approximately only 10% of the Earth due to all of the water on our planet.
  2. While Earth has several moving plates that form its crust, Mars only has one and is much thicker then Mars.
  3. Each season on Mars is about twice as long as on Earth because of the time it takes to orbit the Sun.  While Earth takes 365 days to orbit, Mars takes 687.
  4. Due to no moon near Mars, it sometimes rotates closer to the Sun, making many times of the year much hotter than on Earth.

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