Shaun Baker

Shaun BakerShaun Baker is the world’s foremost extreme kayaker. He holds 4 world records for paddling off huge waterfalls, down seemingly impossible gradients, and even the “Land Speed Record” for a kayak (on snow!)

Shaun began kayaking in 1974, aged 10 and six years later was already leading his first unsupported expedition – 700 miles around the treacherous coastlines of Scotland, England and Wales.

Having survived these formative years, the allure of enormous waterfalls began to bite. Before long he had achieved more than 20 major first descents around the world, including some of the largest falls in Iceland and the Alps. His numerous anecdotes of near-death experiences lead one to wonder: “Is this complete madness or merely partial?”. Shaun insists that all his actions are carefully calculated and that it is unlikely he would have survived this far if he really was a complete madman.

He needs a special team and special equipment to help him transport his kayaks to extreme locations around the world.

By 1997 he had also won the UK National Championships in Whitewater Freestyle 9 times; and attained senior and advanced instructor and examiner status in all disciplines of the sport.

Despite all this, it is a passion for the extreme and the truly ground-breaking that drives him. More record attempts are planned and there will always be more falls that need to be run!


  • Guinness “World Freefall Waterfall Kayak” Record holder (19.7 m pure vertical drop).
  • Guinness “World Speed Altitude Descent” Record holder (75 ft in 19.9 sec).
  • Guinness “World Speed Altitude Descent” Record holder (50 m in 4 min 54 sec).
  • Guinness ” World Kayak Land Speed – Snow” Record holder ( 62.94 km/h).
  • Numerous first descents of major waterfalls and whitewater rivers worldwide.
  • 9 times UK National Whitewater Freestyle/Rodeo Champion.
  • 6 times UK Team ranked No.1.

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